What Can I Do in Lawton, Oklahoma for this Emerging Tourist Destination?

  • July 12, 2023
  • General
what can i do in lawton oklahoma

Lawton is an emerging tourist destination that boasts an array of activities and sights for everyone to enjoy, ranging from outdoor pursuits to visiting museums. You are sure to find something fun here.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in exploring the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, which features grass prairies, granite rock peaks and lakes – perfect for hiking, camping or other recreational activities.

1. Visit the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

Have you ever visited somewhere and experienced that “WOW!” feeling? Well that’s Lawton for you; an emerging tourist destination offering plenty of activities and attractions suitable for families.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in southwest Oklahoma near Lawton offers unique wildlife conservation while providing stunning scenery ranging from grass prairies, clear lakes and rugged mountain terrain.

2. Visit Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park in Lawton is one of its year-round indoor attractions, drawing crowds year after year. Offering family-friendly activities like trampolines and arcade games – some even catering specifically to particular age and height ranges! – this park draws visitors of all ages.

Children can challenge one another in trampoline dodgeball or the Battle Beam, while older kids enjoy Spin Zone bumper cars, which allow them to zoom around whirling and colliding into other vehicles before stopping by the cafe for some refreshments afterwards.

3. Visit the Leslie Powell Gallery

Lawton offers many attractions for tourists to experience its rich heritage. Museums and parks alike showcase these features of Lawton life while giving an insight into its development over time.

Located at the heart of downtown, this museum is an essential stop for art enthusiasts. Boasting a wide range of work from local artists, this facility also hosts lectures and seminars dedicated to art throughout the year.

4. Visit Medicine Park

Lawton is a vibrant city known for its lively culture and many recognizable landmarks. Additionally, Lawton serves as the epicenter of Great Plains region’s culture and traditions where visitors can gain more knowledge on this region’s inhabitants’ past and present lives.

Medicine Park is an expansive 176-acre park that makes an excellent place for people looking to escape city life.

5. Visit the Comanche Nation Casino

Comanche Nation Casino provides an engaging way to explore Lawton culture. This venue features interactive exhibits and self-directed activities for guests to discover.

This casino features an expansive selection of slot and video poker machines. There are also special offers and promotions that players can take advantage of; however, traditional table games such as poker are unavailable here.

6. Visit the Wichita Mountains Speedway

Lawton offers visitors a host of attractions and activities, from Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to historical buildings and museums – making it the ideal spot for sightseeing trips!

The Holy City in Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge provides guided tours of its stone monuments and sculptures. Additionally, there is an expansive playground at this park.

7. Visit the Museum of Great Plains

Lawton-Fort Sill offers plenty of activities for visitors in its surrounding area, such as hiking, museums, shopping and rodeos. Furthermore, the city boasts several other notable landmarks, including the Historic Mattie Beal Home.

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The Museum of Great Plains seeks to open minds and enrich lives through displaying Oklahoma’s history. Exhibits at this museum range from Paleo-Indian settlements through to present-day lifestyles.

8. Visit Greer Park

Greer Park offers an ideal environment for children and families, featuring a playground, duck-cleaning pond and batting cage – not to mention basketball courts and softball fields!

The Historic Mattie Beal Home provides an excellent way to learn more about Lawton’s past and culture, with tours and events regularly available here. Plus, guests can also enjoy its lovely gardens and patio.

9. Visit Los Tres Amigos Mexican Restaurant

Chefs here offer delicious beef fajitas, grilled beef and stewed steak dishes along with tasty margaritas and beer for their clients to enjoy. Clients report friendly and professional staff here.

Laugh Out Loud (LOL) is an unparalleled entertainment destination that features an exciting collection of games and attractions designed to offer fun for the whole family as well as birthday parties. A must-see in Lawton.

10. Visit Lawton Speedway

Lawton Speedway features thrilling local races that will delight all members of your family. Plus, don’t miss Saturday nights when live National Anthem performances add another level of entertainment!

The Historic Mattie Beal House provides a great way to learn about local history. Built in 1914 and owned by Lawton Heritage Association, this property once provided shelter for several families living there.