Where to Find Animal Communicator Workshop in Boat Quay SG

  • April 17, 2024
  • General

People are born with the ability to communicate telepathically with animals; as we grow, this skill tends to fade. With proper tools, techniques and tips in mind, reconnect consciously with your animal family.

Learn to communicate clearly with animals in Boat Quay SG, resolve behavioral issues and provide transformative healings and readings. This training program encourages active learning so new students can start making a difference right from their first class session!

Online Courses

Online animal communication courses offer a convenient and flexible way to gain the skills and knowledge required for effective telepathic communication with animals. You’ll find courses covering everything from beginners’ concepts all the way up to professional ones.

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of communicating telepathically with animals, including learning how to recognize and interpret their messages, while deepening your communion with all life. Participants are welcome to bring their own animal companions (on leash or carrier), but this is not required.

Susan Two Bear Healing Arts of Valley Cottage, NY offers this course taught by internationally acclaimed animal communicator and psychic Susan Two Bear. Training includes Heart Wisdom Method which equips participants to develop their natural intuition so they can feel in unison with animals while offering transformative healings & readings. The program aims to take novice communicators all the way up to becoming confident, consistent, professional communicators – it can be completed at your own pace!


Learn to connect telepathically and intuitively with animals, gaining insight into their emotions and perspectives. As you develop your animal communication skills, you’ll experience profound healing and growth.

Learn the simplest, direct method of communicating and how to validate your messages with animals. Understand their senses, smell, sight, hearing and touch so you can effectively convey what’s being communicated to them – experience their perspective and empathy when making difficult euthanasia decisions or grieving processes.

As part of your course, you’ll develop relationships with fellow animal lovers while meeting animal professionals such as veterinarians, groomers, veterinary technicians, trainers, rescuers and sanctuaries. In live Q&A calls and learning from fellow students who have already started their animal communication journeys will provide invaluable experience.

Private Classes

Animal communicators (also referred to as animal psychics or mediums) serve to bridge the gap between animals and humans through intuitive telepathic communication, helping animals understand their emotions and experiences while offering healing or supportive messages for healing and well-being.

Students learn to open up and consistently receive what an animal is communicating through thoughts, images, impressions, feelings and messages from animals in their everyday life working with animals. Students then interpret these insights and implement them into their everyday activities by applying what they’ve learned into working with animals themselves.

For those dedicated to making sanctuary life more positive for the animals they care for, possessing this skill set is invaluable. It allows sanctuary workers to improve training techniques, alter unwanted behavior and help animals settle more quickly into their new homes quickly. Furthermore, this innate talent often gets turned off as we become socialized – yet remains vitally important.


Animal Communication is an ancient, holistic human-animal connection that brings peace and harmony between them both. Learn to communicate telepathically with both your animals as well as all forms of life found within Nature to form meaningful conversations while maintaining peaceful connections between all beings of Nature.

Susan’s animal on communication classes take place at the Findhorn Foundation Community and are tailored for all animal lovers – regardless of your experience with owning animals or working with them professionally. It provides practical experience in animal communication while simultaneously encouraging self-discovery by exploring your relationship to animals and understanding yourself better.

Through this program, you’ll gain insight into the spiritual aspects of animal communication while experiencing it for yourself – helping you gain an appreciation of this powerful, healing, empowering and life-altering skill for yourself.