Choosing an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

  • May 27, 2022
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industrial touch screen monitor

There are several factors to consider when choosing an industrial touch screen monitor. First, consider the application, the environment, and the brightness level. You should also consider the type of integration, such as touch screen, to ensure optimal performance. Once you have figured out all these factors, the next step is to choose the appropriate screen size and format. For example, if your application requires a large screen, a five-inch diagonal is likely to be sufficient. Similarly, if you’re looking for an industrial touch screen monitor, a 16:10 format is available.

Armagard’s PTS 170 Touch Screen

The PTS 170 industrial touch screen monitor by Armagard offers the user the benefits of IP54 and dustproof protection, making it an excellent option for harsh industrial environments. This rugged device is dustproof, splash proof, and has a VESA display bracket. Moreover, the display is made of durable powder-coated steel, making it dust and liquid resistant. The PTS-170 is compatible with a wide range of industrial applications and meets international NEMA and IP54 standards.

The Armagard PTS 170 industrial touch screen monitor comes with an enclosure to protect it from liquid, dust, and other physical impacts. The VESA mounting bracket enables easy installation. The monitor also offers VGA and USB connections. Its sturdy, IP-67-rated enclosure prevents liquids from affecting the screen’s performance and reduces repair costs. Besides protecting the screen from dirt, the PTS-170 has several features that make it a smart purchase.

AIS industrial multi-touch monitor LCD displays

Industrial environments are demanding and AIS’s widescreen industrial multi-touch monitor LCD displays are built tough to endure the toughest conditions. AIS displays feature a high-performance five-wire resistive touch technology and an extended temperature range. The company’s widescreen industrial monitor LCD displays come in a variety of sizes, including 8.4″, 10.4″, 15.4″, and 17.5″. Whether it’s a manufacturing process, a warehouse, these industrial monitor LCD displays are the answer.

With a wide range of screen sizes and features, AIS offers the perfect industrial multi-touch monitor for your unique needs. They’re perfect for digital signage applications, industrial automation, and drilling control systems. They also support sunlight readable screens and are explosion proof and intrinsically safe. To see more, choose a display that fits the application’s size and budget. And be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty before making the purchase.

Xenarc’s Touch Think industrial LCD monitors

Xenarc’s industrial LCD monitors can be embedded into many applications, from a medical cart to a factory floor. These rugged display monitors feature the latest touch screen technology, such as capacitive and resistive touch. To further ensure their ruggedness, Xenarc also provides optical bonding to further improve their durability. The Touch Think industrial LCD monitor series can be customized for a variety of applications.

The Xenarc Touch Think industrial LCD monitors feature an 8″ touchscreen display with a high-resolution 1920 x 1080 resolution and a ten-point capacitive touchscreen. This industrial LCD monitor is suitable for a variety of industries, including banking, gaming, and self-service terminals. Its display is surrounded by a brushed anodized aluminum frame and features easy design integration. It also includes a 6′ HDMI breakout cable, as well as VGA and composite video inputs.

AIS touchscreens

AIS touchscreens are designed for industrial automation, reducing development time and costs. The feature set of these touchscreens is optimized to meet human machine interface needs, and they are built with open standards for easy integration into a Process Automation System. AIS touchscreens can display measurements, simulate operating modes, and learn trends and patterns. The company’s touchscreens are ideal for industries with complex control systems and require precise information to improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

AIS industrial multi-touch display monitors feature highly integrated, high-performance five-wire resistive touch screen technology with ruggedized IP54-rated TFT-LCD flat panels. Choose from a wide range of industrial multi-touch monitor displays in sizes ranging from seven to twenty-one inches. For the best possible industrial display performance, AIS touchscreens are fully customizable for a variety of applications. The company also offers industrial touchscreens with large and small format screens.

AIS touchscreens with 5-wire resistive touch technology

The benefits of AIS touchscreens with 5-wire resistive-touch technology are numerous. Compared to other touchscreen technologies, these touchscreens offer superior durability, as they are not subject to degrading due to humidity or stress. Despite their low sensitivity and fast response time, 5-wire touchscreens are more durable than their counterparts. If you’re looking for a touchscreen for your marine application, consider the many benefits of 5-wire resistive-touch technology.

Resistive touchscreens have two active areas and an equivalent circuit with four or five wires. In addition, they offer fast response times and low power consumption. These touchscreens are also more robust than capacitive-touch screens, which require a high-quality host processor. The difference between these two types of touchscreens is in the type of conductive layer used. AIS touchscreens with 5-wire resistive touch technology use two active areas, or electrodes.