Tips For Renting Bridal Gowns in Joo Chiat SG

  • March 25, 2024
  • General

Renting in Joo Chiat SG is an attractive choice for brides seeking affordable yet fashionable attire for their event, yet there are certain aspects of the decision-making process they should be aware of before making their selection.

Renting gowns often limits your options when selecting them; in addition, additional charges may apply such as Laine London for alteration services.

1. Know Your Budget

One of the advantages of renting wedding dresses is that you can often find designer styles at a fraction of their original cost. While purchasing gowns may still cost thousands, it is wise to carefully consider your financial constraints before agreeing to rent instead of buy.

Not to be missed when renting is also that additional fees such as shipping, pressing, and post-wear cleaning might apply; be sure to read your rental contract thoroughly for terms and conditions if sentimentality is important to you – after all, unlike buying, you cannot pass down your gown to future generations like with renting!

2. Be Flexible

One of the primary draws to renting gowns for brides is its ease and cost-efficiency; renting allows brides to access stunning designer pieces without breaking their budget, leaving more money available for other elements such as photography or travel costs.

However, the costs associated with shipping and pressing can add up over time; be sure to factor them into your budget. Sizing can also be tricky with rental dresses so make sure to talk with the dress shop about best determining your bridal size before renting one from them. Also consult sizing charts on their website prior to renting.

Brides-to-be may feel overwhelmed when selecting their gown, as rental services typically only provide limited choices of gowns.

3. Try on Multiple Dresses

Lundyn Carter, co-founder of bridal boutique and dress rental service Laine London advises brides considering renting their wedding dress to take time trying on various styles before selecting their desired look. “Try-on will help narrow down what will work best for your wedding,” says Lundyn Carter.

She suggests taking into account where and what your plans for your big day (like dancing!) as this will determine which fabrics and silhouettes would make the best fit for you.

RTR Wedding Gown Rental has an expansive collection of wedding gowns available in sizes six through 24, as well as an inclusive policy to support sizes 6-24. Plus, their rental policies allow them to offer swap options should any dress not fit perfectly – should something better arise, simply return and swap!

4. Be Careful with Your Size

If you aren’t certain of your dress size, it is best to opt for the standard gown size as bridal sizes haven’t changed over time like clothing options have. Keep in mind, however, that alterations could increase the cost of the gown significantly.

Many dress rentals, like Laine London’s package, will allow you to return the gown after your wedding to allow time for alterations (it’s also included as part of their services). But to budget accordingly and avoid surprises like busted seams or major stains that weren’t caused by you personally, make sure to verify with the rental service how long you can keep the dress before renting it out. Also ask what their damages policies are before signing an agreement- you don’t want any unpleasant surprises later!

5. Know the Contract

Renting is an eco-friendly solution that enables brides to access designer gowns like those by Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier that may otherwise be out of their price range, while simultaneously decreasing the need for new dresses and decreasing waste production in our modern world.

If you are considering entering the bridal gown rental industry, it is essential that you understand its intricacies thoroughly. Most bridal stores require customers to sign a contract stating they will return the dress in good condition; any damaged or soiled dresses could incur extra fees or result in the forfeiture of deposits.

For those wanting to gain more knowledge about the bridal industry, speaking to someone already involved is often beneficial. Finding a gown rental owner outside your community who will gladly provide some insight and guidance will often prove easy enough.