Lumina Grand EC – A Resort-Like Lifestyle in Bukit Batok

  • November 18, 2023
  • General
lumina grand ec

Lumina Grand EC features three, four and five bedroom premium and dual key units designed to maximize living space and offer homebuyers an enjoyable resort-like lifestyle with its array of amenities available at this community.

Lumina Grand EC, situated within the mature West Coast district, is conveniently close to numerous academic institutions that make it the perfect option for families dedicated to providing their children with quality educational pursuits.

Lumina Grand EC’s Strategic Location

The development is in close proximity to world-renowned educational institutions, making it an attractive option for families prioritizing their children’s education. Rarely found in metropolitan areas, Lumina Grand EC stands out as an exceptional property among its competition.

The JRL will offer residents of Lumina Grand EC an economical and eco-friendly alternative to driving, creating a more sustainable lifestyle in line with our nation’s vision of a greener future. In addition, its extensive bus network will make travel to farther locations easy – for shopping trips or leisure purposes alike.

Lumina Grand EC’s prime location near shopping hubs in both Bukit Batok Town and Jurong Lake District further increases its residential appeal. Being near these areas will offer potential homeowners numerous opportunities for living comfortably and vibrantly urban living experiences. Furthermore, being near multiple renowned schools makes dropping off children to school less time consuming for parents without being late!

Lumina Grand EC’s Comprehensive Bus Network

With the forthcoming Jurong Region Line just minutes away from Lumina Grand EC, residents should experience improved connectivity to business and leisure hotspots – shortening journey times to business hubs as well as leisure attractions. This bodes well for future homebuyers and investors as better transport links often translate to increased property values.

Families can experience maximum convenience with access to world-renowned schools nearby, providing their children with world-class education without long commutes. Dulwich College stands out as an exceptional choice with its international curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities.

Lumina Grand Bukit Batok EC offers residents access to a comprehensive selection of educational institutions as well as shopping centres and entertainment venues nearby, such as Le Quest Mall (one of Singapore’s premier suburban shopping destinations with retail shops offering everything from international fashion brands to local artisanal products).

Lumina Grand EC’s Community Club

Lumina Grand EC is located within Bukit Batok’s carefully planned locality and boasts proximity to key shopping and entertainment hubs that provide its residents with convenience, diversity, and vibrant urban living experiences.

In addition, Lumina Grand EC’s development is just minutes from top-tier educational institutions such as Dazhong Primary and Secondary Schools, Fairfield Methodist School and Singapore Polytechnic, making its location ideal for families who prioritize quality education.

The proximity of MRT stations and bus interchanges makes the EC accessible for residents, making travel hassle-free for getting nearby malls or further destinations. Relying on bus network ensures hassle-free transport experiences.

Lumina Grand EC’s Sustainable Design

Lumina Grand EC honours the importance of community. Though offering luxury lifestyle, the development ensures the sense of camaraderie and close-knit relationship usually associated with HDB living remains. Plus, its closeness to Bukit Batok is an added advantage as more recreational spots and facilities continue to open in this part of Singapore.

Lumina Grand EC’s design encourages walking and cycling. Bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways allow residents to adopt greener forms of transportation and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Keming Primary School, known for fostering creativity, innovation and character development is also conveniently situated nearby the Estate Community (EC), making it easier for parents to send their children there for education. Furthermore, NTU and SMU can easily be reached. In addition, Jurong Region Line will enhance connectivity by making travel across Singapore faster than ever.