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  • September 7, 2022
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ajm packaging

AJM Packaging is committed to preserving the environment. Their paper products are manufactured from sustainably managed forests. As a result, they are proud to display Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifications. The company uses renewable energy sources and is a family-owned business. Read more about AJM Packaging.

AJM Packaging Corporation

AJM Packaging Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of paper products for the food and beverage industries. The company is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Its products are sold at major retailers and wholesalers throughout the United States. In addition, AJM produces products for institutional customers. Founded in 1952, AJM Packaging Corporation has grown into a leading supplier of paper goods.

AJM Packaging is dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting the health of the planet. In fact, all of the company’s paper products come from sustainably managed forests. The company is proud to have received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This helps ensure that the paper products they produce are safe for the environment and are made with recycled content.

100% renewable materials

AJM Packaging is committed to protecting the world by using 100% renewable materials for all of their packaging. Their paper products are sourced from sustainably managed forests, and they recycle all of their paper waste. The company also has certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The company collaborates with companies in the food and beverage industry to find sustainable packaging materials that are environmentally friendly. Its products are made from renewable resources, including paper and bamboo. In its carton packages, a minimum of 70% of wood fibre is made from renewable sources. The remaining 30% is made from non-renewable materials, including polyethylene and aluminium foil. This protects the food from light and oxygen, while also maintaining the nutritional value. It also includes polyethylene, which prevents outside moisture and ensures that paperboard is firmly adhered to the packaging.

AJM Packaging is a family-owned, US-based company founded in Detroit in 1946. They began as a distribution company for paper and have since become a leading manufacturer of high-quality paper products. The company sources its paper from sustainable forests and ensures that their paper products are 100% renewable. They are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative and have won awards from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, The United Group, and SER Metro-Detro.

Great place to work

There are many benefits of working for AJM Packaging. AJM Packaging has many employees with professional experience. The company provides medical and dental insurance, which employees often find helpful. Additionally, the company has been awarded certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The company offers employees a great benefits package, upward mobility, and consistent growth. If you are looking for a career in manufacturing, plant leadership, or operations, AJM may be the right place for you. In addition, the company pays employees bi-weekly. AJM is currently hiring for manufacturing and plant leadership positions, as well as corporate positions. The company plans to hire 200 additional employees by 2021.

If you’re interested in joining the team at a leading manufacturer of paper products, AJM Packaging Corporation may be the right fit for you. As a Quality Auditor, you’ll oversee the quality program throughout the manufacturing facility. You’ll have to know how to audit process quality and plant compliance. In addition, you’ll need to work well with Production Employees and Department Foremen. AJM Packaging Corporation also requires that you have a current flu shot and tdap vaccination.


AJM packaging is a family-owned business that has grown more than 200% since 2000. The company employs 3,000 people at eight locations in the United States. Despite the challenging economic climate, the company has never laid off any employees. AJM is a leader in sustainable manufacturing practices and sources all of its paper from sustainably managed forests. Every time a tree is felled, AJM replaces it with a seedling. These seedlings are then allowed to grow into mature trees.

AJM Packaging is a family business founded in 1918 in Detroit, Michigan. AJM began as a neighborhood grocery store and grew over the years to be a leading manufacturer of paper products. AJM operates its original manufacturing facility in Detroit and seven additional plants throughout the United States. It employs over 3,000 employees and ensures that all of its paper products are manufactured in the US.

AJM Packaging offers a competitive compensation package and benefits. The company offers upward mobility and consistent growth to its employees. Whether you’re interested in a career in manufacturing, operations, or management, AJM is a great place to work.