Why We Went with Satellite Television Service Instead of Cox Cable TV

Well, I guess I can say that there is no doubt that the Cox Cable TV company that serves TV viewers with cable television service in this region is indeed a huge company. You would think that we would have no problem signing up for service with a big cable TV company like that. Well, we decided to go with satellite television service instead. We just like it better. I also like that rate we are paying for the channels we have.

Both cable and satellite providers use a tier based or package based system to provide you the channels you want for a monthly cost. The really popular channels that are not mainstream often get put into a tier or package that costs an additional amount of money. You might find this with some of the non-mainstream networks that suddenly have hit shows or sports and outdoor networks. We got a better deal on the channel lineup we wanted with our satellite TV.

I guess you just need to sit down and go through every single channel you are getting, and then take the time to see if satellite can save you some money each month on your bill. You do not have to worry about satellite picture or sound quality. You probably will find it has more HD channels than what your cable company is offering. The service is also not an issue. Don’t fall for those cable ads about satellite TV going out when it rains or snows. Good installation gives you great signal and that is just not an issue.

The added benefits of satellite TV service is bigger space to store DVR stuff and the ability to record five things at once. Plus, the interactive menus and guide are much better, in my opinion, than what cable has to offer. We like it better because we pay less and enjoy it more.

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