Web Resources for Healthy Living

I have started to try to figure out how to get in good shape again. As usual the winter has been pretty severe here where I live and I have been a bit more sedentary that I would have like for the past three or four months. At the moment I am looking for good common sense advise on how to get fit and eat right. So I have been looking for the best site for eating healthy on the web and other sites like that. In fact I am not looking to get involved in any crackpot schemes to lose weight, even though I know that the way that you achieve this sort of goal is not going to be that much fun. There are obviously two parts to this sort of plan. The first part is to eat lighter and healthier foods and the other part is to start an exercise regime which is going to lead to you burning off more calories than you are taking in. The two parts need to work together if you are going to achieve the end result that you desire to attain. However it is not going to be pleasant unless you can figure out the way to make the best of the situation. You do not want to start out at the speed of light and exercise your way in to an early grave, it is a lot better to start out gradually and that is going to reduce the threat of an injury which is going to keep you from going on with the plan. I am thinking about the other part of the deal though. It seems like you need to figure out how to make the meals that you eat as pleasant as they can possibly be. You want to eat good foods.

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