Learning to Deal with Gout Without Prescription Medications

When my big toe turned red and hurt like it was shot, burned and ran over, I knew I had to educate myself and read more about the gout I had and how to manage it. I had my first flareup when I went on one of those all protein and no carb diets. I was already predisposed to getting gout because both my mom and dad had it. I knew about the pain they went through, but with pain, unless you experience it yourself, it is just a memory of what others went through. My first real and direct experience with gout pain was a rude awakening. That is really a literal statement because I went to sleep with no gout pain and woke up with a bright red toe that hurt really bad.

The first few minutes of getting out of bed were uncomfortable. By the time rolled around for me to leave for work, I was on the phone calling off and then calling to get an urgent appointment with my doctor. He confirmed it was gout, and confirmed my uric acid levels were high. He put me on anti-inflammatory meds and a pill to lower uric acid levels. I did not do well with the side effects of either medication.

The main flareup lasted about a week. Then it ebbed and flowed as time went on. The education of what to do as far as my diet was concerned helped me more than anything else. I added pineapple juice to my diet, and I learned to like dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. I avoided organ meats, sausages and a whole lot of other meats and foods. I got off of that crazy high protein diet the first day of my gout causing me pain. Now I manage it quite well with diet alone. I do not know if it will stay that way, but so far so good.

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