Learning Fun and Interesting Facts Online

I am often star struck. It is not just toward one celebrity either. I love watching films and quite a few television shows, so it seems I am always finding someone new and interesting to learn about. I was able to find some entertaining information about some celebrities I really like on this website I found. It has interesting facts about all sorts of things, like countries, cities, history, foods, and my favorite subject, famous people. It is not just people who are famous because they are movie stars though. This site has information about people like Paul Revere, Picasso and Ronald Reagan too.

I do enjoy reading those too because I love history as well, but my favorite part is learning new things about people I watch on the big and little screens. For instance, there was a section there about interesting things to do with Beyonce. I love her music, and I think she rightfully deserves the most beautiful woman in the world moniker. I had no idea she was so filthy rich though. She makes over 200,000 on some days, which is hard to even wrap my head around, to be honest.

She is such a hard worker though, and she also is very charitable with the money that she does earn. It is hard to begrudge someone the money they have when they take care of so many different people with it too. I was also able to learn some neat things about one of my favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio. When I get bored, I will usually come to this site and learn something about a celebrity. Sometimes, I will look at some of the other facts there too. Yesterday, I learned interesting facts about anxiety, so there really is a lot to learn on this site, and it is fun learning too!

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