I Have to Pick a Power Company

This is not a problem any place that I have lived before. I have lived in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas. Every place that I lived before you had a monopoly over the distribution of electricity. In West Charleston for example I had Duke Power and they were the only option if you wanted power. The other options were to go without or make your own some way. Now I am living in a little town between Houston and Galveston, I have been checking out this website where they list all of the companies I have to choose from here and show me the rates that they charge. It does not really seem as though there is a whole lot of difference in that. I am quite sure that they all know what the others are charging and they are not going to let them undercut them by a whole lot. However in researching this I found an article in the Dallas Morning News that said that there was a large gap statewide.

I have figured that I not only have to pick a power company, but I also have to decide which kind of contract I want to have. You are going to have the choice between going with a fixed price, which would be best if you had a low rate or going with one which is going to fluctuate with market conditions. That would be great if you were sure that the prices were going to go down, but it is not my experience that prices usually go that way. In fact I am thinking that it is going to be too volatile. I would probably rather have it so that I have a good idea of what it is going to cost me and not open the mail one day and get a huge surprise.

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