Getting All of Your Personal and Business Books Together and Updated Daily is Easy

I have used Quicken for a very long time. I used to buy it in a box that had multiple floppy disks to install it. So, you know I’m talking way back as far as computers and software go. I like using it for our personal accounts and now our business accounts too. It sure does make keeping track of things for taxes a whole lot easier. I just enter the record and that is it. I know there is a paper receipt around in case of auditing, but I just rely on the Quicken 2016 entries for the data I need.

I can see where we are at as far as projections and our needs go whether it is our business or our personal household budget. Everything is there from the mortgage and the payoff amount to our business van and the tools we need. I can find the date we bought this computer I am typing this on. It makes it really easy for the accountant to do our taxes. Easier is better when it comes to paying an accountant too. The faster they can get the work done, the less you are going to pay. Go ahead, show up with a shoe box full of receipts and pay them to enter the data. Your accounting bill is going to be higher than ours.

The only work you have to do with Quicken 2016 is setting it up to use the first time. You do need to enter your information for your accounts and categories and stuff. Then it is just a matter of putting in the data on a daily basis. It is so easy that I never get behind in the books. I would keep using my Quicken 2016 if I had employees too. They have software for payroll that is all integrated and easy to use.

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