Clearing a Vacant Lot for My Boss

The boss and I went out to this place he had bought the other day. Of course he is not looking at it for himself, but he is going to clean the place up and then sell it for a profit. He does this all of the time, although of course it is me who takes care of the part which involves actual work. It is not usually all that pleasant, but some times I get a bonus. For example I often end up cleaning up the place and taking a side profit from scrap metal dealers. That is a matter of luck and you are not going to make that much picking up discarded aluminum cans. Those are going to be worth picking up, although the current prices are not that awesome for any of this stuff. What you want to do is to find a couple of old cars or other vehicles or some other huge heavy piece of junk.

Aluminum is worth a lot more per pound than scrap metal is. The difference is huge. However the average automobile is going to come close to two tons in weight. The big ones are heavier than that obviously, which is what you want obviously. In this case one of the cars is a forty year old Cadillac, the sort of car that people would call a land yacht. A normal car is going to be worth around four hundred dollars, give or take. That was the price the last time I did this, although I have heard that scrap metal prices are down a lot. Of course that does not matter so much to me. The boss has not really thought about this part of it and I have not told him, so I am going to be paid to remove the junk and then get paid for the junk.

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