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Nice Quiet Apartment Living in a Gated Community is What We Looked for

My wife and I like a nice quiet laid back kind of place to live. We do not need tons of excitement in our days to get buy. We get enough of that on the job. She works in emergency services as a dispatcher, and I am in law enforcement. Our dinner conversation would shock some people, but it is just routine stuff we see day in and day out. We found a nice place when we were looking for apartments in Alamo Heights San Antonio. I like hanging out with a couple of neighbors at the fire pit in the evenings when I am not on shift. My wife enjoys siting out on our balcony and reading her books.

We have a nice apartment with granite countertops that are really classy looking. The fireplace and hardwood floors really add a nice touch to our place as well. We are very comfortable here. It is home. It is not just a place to stay in between work shifts. We like our neighbors and all of the amenities the apartment complex has to offer. We have a nice fitness center. No more gym memberships for me. I just work out here at our apartment complex. Continue reading

Clearing a Vacant Lot for My Boss

The boss and I went out to this place he had bought the other day. Of course he is not looking at it for himself, but he is going to clean the place up and then sell it for a profit. He does this all of the time, although of course it is me who takes care of the part which involves actual work. It is not usually all that pleasant, but some times I get a bonus. For example I often end up cleaning up the place and taking a side profit from scrap metal dealers. That is a matter of luck and you are not going to make that much picking up discarded aluminum cans. Continue reading

It Was Easy to Make My Pay Stubs

When I called a local accountant to see what it would cost to get some help with my employee pay stubs, I was really shocked at the price. I knew that I was going to have to pay a decent amount since they are professionals, but I honestly was not expecting such a high price. I knew that I would pay it if I had to, but I am so glad that I was able to find a pay stub maker that did everything that I needed without the high price that I thought I was going to have to pay.

The really neat thing about the site that I found is that it was created by accountants. I guess they understand how it is for a small business owner. We don’t have the deep pockets that larger companies have, so corners have to be cut where they can be. Continue reading

Learning Fun and Interesting Facts Online

I am often star struck. It is not just toward one celebrity either. I love watching films and quite a few television shows, so it seems I am always finding someone new and interesting to learn about. I was able to find some entertaining information about some celebrities I really like on this website I found. It has interesting facts about all sorts of things, like countries, cities, history, foods, and my favorite subject, famous people. It is not just people who are famous because they are movie stars though. This site has information about people like Paul Revere, Picasso and Ronald Reagan too. Continue reading