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Nice Quiet Apartment Living in a Gated Community is What We Looked for

My wife and I like a nice quiet laid back kind of place to live. We do not need tons of excitement in our days to get buy. We get enough of that on the job. She works in emergency services as a dispatcher, and I am in law enforcement. Our dinner conversation would shock some people, but it is just routine stuff we see day in and day out. We found a nice place when we were looking for apartments in Alamo Heights San Antonio. I like hanging out with a couple of neighbors at the fire pit in the evenings when I am not on shift. My wife enjoys siting out on our balcony and reading her books.

We have a nice apartment with granite countertops that are really classy looking. The fireplace and hardwood floors really add a nice touch to our place as well. We are very comfortable here. It is home. It is not just a place to stay in between work shifts. We like our neighbors and all of the amenities the apartment complex has to offer. We have a nice fitness center. No more gym memberships for me. I just work out here at our apartment complex. Continue reading