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How Hard It to Learn to Fly a Plane?

I have started to think about this lately, after I decided to try out a couple of airplane games online, What is the best type of software for flight simulation gaming and how much money is it going to cost you to put together a good piece of hardware. Of course you can do okay with nothing much and these games that I was trying were fairly modest, it was not that big of a deal compared to some of the really tough things that you can learn to do. In fact I suppose that you could probably figure out how to fly a plane fairly well from flying some of the computer simulators. I would guess that you might be able to learn okay how to fly on your own. It is a pretty difficult thing to do, but in theory I suppose that you can do. Of course it you are crazy enough you can just get in the plane and fly it away. It is a matter of having the guts to do it.

In fact I have heard about this one teenaged crime spree. This kid started out robbing houses on hit island some place off of the Pacific Coast and eventually things got a bit too hot for him in that part of the world. So this kid just stole a plane an started to fly away. Of course he crashed the plane, but he walked away from it and he eventually took another plane. They ended up catching this kid in the Bahamas, after he had flown all the way across the continent of North America. Obviously a bit of luck was involved in the fact that none of his crashes seriously hurt him. It is mostly just not being smart enough to think about consequences.

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